Bob Books

What people like-

  • Great for introducing sight words.
  • The simple text and illustrations might be perfect for young children just beginning to read.
  • Each level builds on the one before.
  • There are apps for the iPod and iPad, plus a Kindle edition.
  • The size of the books are perfect for little hands.


What people don’t like-

  • The text is so simple that it’s not much of a story line.
  • The illustrations are not colorful.


User tips-

  • Have your child use the sets in order by level.
  • These are available for discounted prices at
  • These are often found in sets at local libraries.


Try instead-

Want to make your own free printable phonic booklets? Try this website:

Already have a beginning reader who wants more of a story? Try any of the I Can Read Phonics book sets, featuring some of your children’s favorite characters, such as Little Critter.


Author/Publisher/Website - Bobby Lynn Maslen/Scholastic/  

Summary from company- Bob Books came about as a result of teacher Bobby Lynn Maslen's careful attention to the specific needs of children learning to read for the very first time. As a teacher at the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon, Bobby’s work with 3 to 5 year-olds involved constant invention in art, math games, physical growth activities and, of course, reading materials. When she didn’t find books that she felt were interesting enough for her young students, she created Bob Books.”

What Friends Are Saying About Bob Books...

I found a whole bunch of free worksheets that go along wbob books. There is a whole page of them on Pinterest - Samantha

Q. Any suggestions for a good reading curriculum for 6-7 yr olds with extremely short attention spans? A. Not a curriculum, but BOB books have been really good for us. -Britnee

I love Happy Phonics. I've used it with all my kids. I use it as a supplement with BOB books and scriptures. It's been especially helpful with my two who are dyslexic. We keep all the games in ziplock bags and pick one everyday. For us, it's made reading fun. -Billie