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The first question out of any new homeschooler is usually, "What curriculum do you use?"  Finding the right curriculum can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of homeschooling.  It takes time and patience to research and discover the right fit for your family.  Here you will find a list of several of the well known resources and curricula for homeschooling.  If there is something that you do not see listed that you would like to share with other homeschooling families, please email us at resources@lds-nha.org or submit your own REVIEW here!

Before you delve into the land of curriculum, we suggest you consider taking our PHILOSOPHY QUIZ to see what kind of homeschooling will best fit your style.  Most curriculum is written with an underlying philosophy.  It is helpful to understand your philosophy of education so that you can narrow your options.  And did you know you can also RENT curriculum?

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 *LDS-NHA does not claim to screen or endorse the resources listed here.  We trust that you will use your best judgement as you search for the right materials to fit  your family's needs