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Welcome to LDS-NHA!

     We are a national organization of homeschoolers joining hands to encourage, teach and strengthen one another along the homeschool journey. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our ever growing community of home educators.

     Thanks to the grassroots efforts of homeschool veterans, including founder Jolene Irving, LDS-NHA has become a trusted resource for homeschool support and education nationwide. For over a decade, we have trained up homeschool leaders, empowered parents and helped countless families come to know the joys of homeschooling.

     As this organization is passes to the next generation of homeschoolers, we intend to continue this noble effort using the new technologies available to us. LDS-NHA members are now connecting through social media, blog posts, discussion forums, and our support group maps. No homeschooler has to go it alone again!

     We are consistently adding to our library of training tools and introducing new homeschoolers to the best resources we have found. BYU Continuing Education has joined with us in our endeavor and will be sharing resources to help us connect and teach families worldwide.

     LDS-NHA has a history of hosting excellent conferences and we will continue to do so, both online and face to face. Attendees come away with new knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for teaching their families. Please see our EVENTS page for upcoming conferences.

     It is a great time to be a homeschooler and being part of the movement is exciting! There is a lot of work to do here at LDS-NHA, and many hands make it easier.  If you have any interest in helping us with our mission to provide training, share resources and make connections, please contact

     In gratitude we would like to spotlight the leaders who are the foundation of LDS-NHA. You will find years of their combined wisdom, previously published in the e-newsletter “The Sentinel”, now easily searchable in our BLOG

Learn More about the history of our organization HERE. . .